Empire Worldwide Review The Most Effective Recruitment Strategies

Empire Worldwide Review The Most Effective Recruitment Strategies

Managing director Jason Coat of Empire Worldwide is always encouraging his in-house recruitment specialists to keep up to date with the latest recruitment methods and trends. He and his HR team are always working hard to stay on top of their recruitment game, as an ever growing industry, recruitment was rated one of the top 10 careers to pursue in 2016. With new and creative hiring philosophies, like Linkedin’s job platform where headhunters can personally fish for potential matches, the industry is reaching new lengths. In 2016 we saw an increase in start-up companies using their social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to advertise job vacancies and openings, utilizing personalized posts saying ‘We need you’ and promoting their company culture, to attract their hundreds of online followers.

Managing director Jason Coat of direct marketing enterprise, Empire Worldwide based in Atlanta is always encouraging his recruitment specialists to network with others in the same field. “We have seen a massive increase in our recruitment productivity since the team, and I asked ourselves what could we be actively doing to get better results. We focused a lot more on networking with others in the HR field, the ones who were consistently receiving high-quality retention, and we worked on how we can improve all aspects of our hiring process. We looked at the literature in our job adverts and the times of day which we post them, to our telephone pitch and voice fluctuations, we even restructured our confirmation emails and of course we reviewed the first round interview itself. We even changed around the team’s daily schedule so we can be most efficient, and make sure the smallest jobs were being completed in sufficient time and to 100% so they won’t later become a distraction so we can utilize every minute in the day”, explains Jason Coat of Empire Worldwide.

There are many online blogs and live polls to review the recruitment experience that the latest job hunters are looking for from the hiring process. You can also look at what the top companies are doing to keep ahead of times and see what creative methods they are using to get top quality consistently, and interested, candidates through their doors. Empire Worldwide advise taking the initiative and making sure your HR team is spending just a few minutes a day researching the latest recruitment trends and implementing them into your own hiring process.

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